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18 Class Plans E02 MWF 1

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(12/4/18)TAMUK students: your paper is due posted to wiki tomorrow without fail. You will turn in the hard copy on Friday, the day of the final. -Thx

I will be on campus Friday at 2 3pm.




This is the detailed outline of what we will be doing over the course of the semester.  This is updated weekly, as things change, and the updated changes will be reflected here. You will need to click on the date to find out what we will be doing in detail for each class date, and at the bottom of each class date in bright bold green is homework.   You will notice here there are color coded things

Week 1


Week 2

EVERY one need to Watch this video   before you start reading.mp4  the assigned reading that start reading from the Writing About Writing textbook.  

  • Mon Aug 27, 18  PP on What is Rhetoric? Reading Journal entry titled “Rhetorical Analysis" Why care about it? Reading HW see class plans for details; GO over RA assignment  Read for Wed: What is Rhetoric? Supplemental Readings F18


  • Wed Aug 29, 18  Discuss Rhetorical Situation and Rhet Analysis class discussion and journal & wiki address add; Read for Friday:  Rhet Situation and Constituents.pdf page 347  &  Discuss Rhetorical Situation and Rhet Analysis class discussion and journal & wiki address 


  • Fri Aug 31, 18   Discussion over readings  Invention. Continue to delve into Rhetorical Analysis.  Brainstorming time 


week 3

  •  Mon Sept 3, 18 HOLIDAY  But you are responsible for the following information.

                                     Invention;  Discuss Rhetorical Situation and your text.  What exactly should be included?  How does this fit into your Analysis.    




week 4  (online classes DOUBLE POINTS)

  • Mon Sept 10,18 TAMUK  Draft One Due & Peer Review  (work should be posted to black board & on your wiki)
  • Wed Sept 12, 18 tamuk   Revise Draft one/ workshop
  • Fri Sept 14, 18  tamuk  Draft two Due  & Peer Review  (work should be posted to blackboard & on your wiki. Your second draft should be vastly different from  your shitty first draft.  Peer Review should be posted to your wiki page for your partner to have access to no later than 10:00 pm on Friday 9/14/18


week 5  (Rhetorical Analysis due)

  •  Mon  Sept 17, 18 tamuk  Make up day for Friday and intro into Project 2 Start Research 102; Annotated Bibs
  • Wed Sept 19, 18 tamuk   Reading due  READING DUE: Learning to Read  pg 119  &  Argument as Conversation: The Role of Inquiry in Writing Researched Arguments  pg. 27   Supplemental Readings F18  
  • Fri Sept 21, 2018 tamuk ( RA DUE  in-Class Conferences (Mandatory). Research Workshop/ and application of readings with your research. Reading due for Monday : Speech Acts, Genres and Activity Systems: How Texts Organize Activity and People  page 365    Supplemental Readings F18 


week 6


week 7

  • Mon Oct 1, 2018 tamuk   Review Citation Format/ Source Review 2 draft due & work on APA assignment
  • Wed Oct 3, 2018 tamuk  wk on APA assignment /Source Review workshop day & Review MID-Term Portfolio. 
  • Fri  Oct 5, 2018 tamuk    We will find obit from a famous person & Continue to work on Source Review and also go over APA assignment.
    Reading due for Monday:  The Composing Process of Unskilled College Writers  pg 615 & Bring an Obit from Famous Person   ; Class discussion over reading.   Supplemental Readings F18 
  • Review for MID-term portfolio 


week 8

  • Mon Oct 8, 2018 tamuk Discuss The Composing Process of Unskilled College Writers & Evaluative Writing  (Using Obit from Famous person) & Workshop on Mid-Term Portfolio. Look at examples. 
  • Wed  Oct 10, 2018 tamuk  Argument of Evaluation. Reading dueReading due The Burden of Laughter  by: Chung  Supplemental Readings F18  /Start Outlining
  • Fri Oct 12, 2018 tamuk Workshop Day.  Research 102 Due posted to wiki DUE 10/12/18 by 10:00 pm. Turn in hard copy to me in class. 



week 9 (mid-term portfolio due 10/15/18 by 10:00 pm on wiki)

  • Mon Oct 15, 2018 TAMUK  drafting day 
  • Wed Oct 17, 2018 tamuk  outline DUE in preparation for draft.  (Hard Copy of Outline needed for class & posted to wiki) Go over Oral Presentation/Visual Rhetoric 
  • Fri 10/19/18  Revision of outline and peer review of detailed outline


week 10

  •  Mon Oct 22, 2018 tamuk  Review and Demo for Oral Presentation & Revision workshop on Citation
  • Wed OCt 24, 2018 TAMUK  Draft one Due/PR   & Draw for presentation times & Conference Time
  • Fri  Oct 26, 2018 tamuk  Final Reflective Portfolio formally Handed out.  Presentation workshop & Presentation Review/ Detailed Peer review due to partner 

           Practice APA quiz      APA Practice quiz 2


week 11

  • Mon  Oct 29, 2018 tamuk   Draft TWO DUE; Hard copy to turn into Ms. Dz/ with complete draft with Reference page.)  & Detailed Peer review (Your draft two needs to be significantly different  from the first draft)
  • Wed Oct 31, 2018 tamuk   Review and Revise  & APA Quiz as a refresher.
  • Fri  Nov 2, 2018 tamuk Presentation check  for a grade. You need to have substantial draft to share with me in class to earn full credit. 


week 12


week 13



week 14


week 15



week 16  


FINAL Exam:  Final Exam time Friday, Dec 7, 2018  4;00 to 6:30 pm.  FINAL REFLECTIVE PORTFOLIO DUE


Link to Final Exam Schedule 


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