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English 1302 ONLINE  MC

English 1302Supplement Page 

(for Canvas)


 photo credit: http://vathev.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/hvn-and-hell.jpg


Course theme: From Heaven to hell and life in between: A rhetorical exploration of language through literature.



Link to sign into Canvas:  MIDLAND CANVAS LINK


English 1302 MC Syllabus


Readings List E02 MC online


Rhetorical Analysis Essay E02 lit

Evaluative Essay

Reader Response (Drama/Play) Short Essay

Literary Analysis of Drama

Final Reflective Portfolio Rhetorical Concepts




Film & Stage Production Links

A Street Car Named Desire

A Midsummer's Night Dream <-- play

A Midsummer Night's Dream <--Film


Citation Information

Making Sense of MLA (2021)

MLA-9 Quick Guide 




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