Readings List E02 MC online


                                            (Rhetorical focus: situation, setting, voice)

 Thomas Hardy             The Ruined Maid  

William Wordsworth      I wandered lonely as a cloud  

Gwendolyn Brooks         We Real Cool    

Thomas Hardy               Ah, Are you Digging on my grave?   *

Robert Browning           My Last Duchess    

Stevie Smith                  Not Waving but drowning 

Matthew Arnold            Dover Beach  

                                    (Rhetorical Focus: Theme & tone)


W.H. Auden                Stop all the clocks, turn off the phone   

Wilfred Owen              Dulce Et Decorum Est 

Edgar Allan Poe           Alone *  

William Wordsworth   The Forsaken * 

                                     I wondered lonely as a cloud


                                    (Rhetorical Focus: Visual Imagery and Sounds of Poetry)

Edgar Allan Poe          The Haunted Palace * (online only)

Emily Dickinson           Because I could not stop for Death 


Edgar Allan Poe          The Raven  By Poe  

Dylan Thomas              Do not go gentle into the good night  


John Dunne                The Flea  


Robert Frost               Mending Wall 

                                   Stopping by Woods on a snowy Evening  



Alfred Lord Tennyson  The Lady of Shallot  


William Blake               A poison tree 


John Dunne                 Death be not proud 



Short Story

Edgar Allan Poe   The Cask of Amontillado  **

                            The Fall of the House of Usher *  

Mark Twain           The Ghost Story *                       


F. Marion Crawford  The Screaming Skull  (Setting) *

Mary Shelley            The Mortal Immortal  *            

E.F. Benson           The Room in the Tower  *          

D. H. Lawrence      The Rocking-Horse Winner  


Shirley Jackson   The Lottery   (Link for Audio book)


Gwendolyn Brooks   The life of Lincoln West   T   ##

Kate Chopin                   The Story of An Hour   (Culture and Hist Contexts) 


Charlotte Gilman        The Yellow Wallpaper  **   




Tennessee Williams  A Street Car Named Desire***  

William Shakespeare  A Midsummer's Night Dream  #  

--We will be watching the film versions of these Plays (as time permits).




* Classic Horror Full e-texts made available by: Underworld Magazine

** e-Text Made available via Project Gutenberg    

*** e-text of Street Car Named Desire made available via  feliciadz.pbworks

# e-text of A midsummer's Night Dream made available via  MIT Edu 

##e-text of The Life of Lincoln West made available via 


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