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stu wikis Eng 1301 sec 280 MWF 8am

This is your class and their wiki pages.  Please make sure your link works. If your link does not work...you don't exist....and if you don't exist...you can't recieve a grade. If you have not added your wiki link here you need to see your instructor and make sure it is added. This should be done on your own time, not during class time.  It is your responsibility to see that your name is here and your instructor has access to your wiki page.  -Thanks


Eng 1301 sec 280


Please place your name and your wiki page address on a line. Type your name and then your address, make sure you hit enter to activate the link.


Example: Felicia Cain Dziadek = http://feliciadz.pbwiki.com    


  1. Cody Atkinson http://codyatkinson.pbworks.com 
  2. Kayla Boston  http://kboston10.pbworks.com
  3. Joey Campbell http://Joeycampbell.pbworks.com
  4. Ashley Clark http://ashleycl.pbworks.com
  5. Lindsay Freund  http://lindsayfreund.pbworks.com
  6. Randy Gardner http://rgardner.pbworks.com  
  7. Ryan Gonzales  http://rgonzales18.pbworks.com
  8. Sophie Hashemi http://sseddighzadeh.pbworks.com
  9. Jillian Horn - http://jhornatx.pbworks.com
  10. Chenyi Ma* -http://chenyima.pbworks.com
  11.  Jose Medellin - http://jmedellin.pbworks.com
  12. Jose Olivarez  http://jolivarez.pbworks.com
  13. Elif Ozdogan  http://elifoz.pbworks.com
  14. Jacob Perales  http://jperales8.pbworks.com
  15. Maria Rodriguez http://mrodc.pbworks.com
  16. Dillon Rogers http://dillonrogers12.pbworks.com
  17. Saschel Thomas http://sassythom.pbworks.com
  18. Justin Tomsu
  19. Ziyin Wang * -http://ziyinwang.pbworks.com
  20. Sean Washington http://washingtonsean.pbworks.com
  21. Jeffrey Winscott http://jwinscott.pbworks.com

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