Helpful Handouts

HANDOUTS for the COURSE. Please feel free to print out any of these handouts. Scroll to the bottom on the page and click the PDF icon.


1st day handout for Felicia Dz students


Handouts for Portfolios & Reflectives

Portfolio Information

Grading Rubric for Portfolios

Weekly Reflectives

Reflective Writing Explained

Journal requirements

Twitter me this

Portfolio Grading Rubric  detailed


Handouts for Essay Writing

Discovering your Thesis statement HO 

Use of an Outline HO

Keeping your OUTLINE simple HO

Basic Outline.pdf

Introductions that arouse interest HO

Effective Conclusions HO

10-steps to writing an essay 

Principal Rhetorical and Literary Devices.pdf

Rhetorical Devices in Writing


Global and Local Peer Review

Journalism Questions Invention Aid


Handouts for Pre-Writing & Research

The Research Process

The Art of Key Word searches.pdf
Evaluating Sources (All)

Journalism Question Invention Aid

Introducing Quotes Correctly 


Handouts for MLA & APA


A Guide to MLA

MLA Citation Aid

Diana Hacker's Sample research paper  <-- Example MLA paper

Citation Machine

Bedford Researcher

OttoBib <--Use IBSN # to create citation for books

Cite This for Me  <-- Citation aid

APA Citation Gude Cornell Univ Lib HO

Sample Research Paper APA from Purdue Owl

 APA Formatting and Style Guide  (Purdue Owl) 

Purdue MLA In-text citation the basics

Literature Aids HO



Grammar Tips

Common Prepositions

Run on Sent Handout

Commonly confused words  (From Univ of Richmond's Writing Center

(Cornell Univ APA Guide)



How to Paraphrase in research

In-text Citations made easy (APA)

How to use sources in your research essay APA

APA citations Sample Research paper

Building the Basic APA Research Proposal

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