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Author Oral Presentation Assignment


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Each student is to do a creative presentation on his/her assigned author.  The presentation should try to “sell” the author to the class.  In other words, your presentation should present the author in as interesting of a way as possible.  With this in mind, perhaps we don’t need to know, for example, the names of the author’s siblings or mother and father, but rather curious facts about that author’s life, or harsh criticism or elaborate praise that author’s writings received.  You may include pictures, links, anything interesting that you find.  In the past students have created power point presentations, informative musical presentations, video productions of a mock interview with the author, or a web page dedicated to the author.  Though you may include links to established web pages discussing the author, the majority of the presentation should be an original format.  I am hoping that after viewing the presentation each of us will feel as if  we are more familiar with the person behind the writing, as well as cognizant of the importance of the literature produced by this person.


Over the weeks we have read so many pieces of literature and hopefully, by way of focusing on one theme in regards to the various pieces, come to recognize how art reflects life as well as life reflects art.  However, because we have spent the majority of our efforts studying the themes of the readings, we have not had time to study the author’s themselves.  Many of these authors led fascinating lives, or had pretty curious personalities – information that is very interesting.  Also, many of the pieces of literature were extremely influential on society and authors not only of that time period, but also future generations.  The purpose of this assignment is to:

  •  remind us of, and make memorable the author that you have been assigned  
  • show an understanding of at least two pieces of literature produced by the author, and its significance on society and/or future authors. Depending on the piece(s) of literature you have chosen, you may chose to incorporate the piece into your presentation (if its a a poem), or summarize the piece if it is a longer text. Your job is to explain the theme(s) of the literature you are presenting, and explain its significance. Basically, you should teach an understanding of and important of the piece(s) of literature. 
  • Also include an interesting little tid bit that perhaps the audience may not know about the author.  
  • Please see below for a list of all the required elements.  


Finally, please be sure to check and double check all “facts” gathered/presented regarding your author since there is a lot of faulty information found when researching online.  Your text book is an excellent source for beginning to find information on each of these authors.  You will be graded on creativity of presentation, thoroughness of information, quality of analysis of the literature produced by the author, and overall accuracy.


I expect that students might have questions regarding this assignment; I encourage you to ask questions there will be a discussion forum created for this purpose



The way this project will be executed in class is going to be unique; I will create a space where all the author presentations will be virtually housed, so that at any time during the course of the semester you may review the content.  Now, you will be given a presentation date, and you must have your presentation ready for the instructor to review THREE days BEFORE presentation time. This is to ensure you will be producing your best work.



As stated above, you will have creative freedom for this assignment. IF you want to use PowerPoint with a voice over, great ( I will have a link to show you how to do this). IF you want to create a video like last semester and a movie maker type of program, that would be great.  You can even create a web page (or wiki page) and add in your narration.  The requirement is, YOU must present ORALLY. SO somehow you must take the audience through your presentation. 


MLA requirements

  • There needs to be a cover slide/page that contains all the required information within a MLA heading.
  • On the cover slide/page the title of your presentation should be bold.
  • Length of presentation should be 7 to 10 min. (This sounds scary, but it won't be, promise).
  • IF you cite directly or paraphrase, there needs to be a citation.  (required major point deduction)
  • A Works Cited page should be the last slide of your presentation and in-text citations were applicable.    (required major point deduction)


Required Elements

  • power point presentation with voice over narration. Opening slide identifies student, section and subject/author
  • biographical information about author & includes awards
  • brief synopsis of at least two of the author's books/literary works. 
  • time limit (7 to  10 min)
  • interesting facts and information about author and his/her works. 
  • Sources listed (Works Cited and on slides where applicable) 
  • Speaks conversationally/ Does not simply read slides.
  • Visually appealing not to many images, clear and easy to read. 
  • Well organized, logical flow of material (  no misspelled words, or grammar errors). 
  • Extras ... film clips excerpts, book talk ...something different.  



(I will add links to former student presentations. Now note these presentations were given in a face to face class, so they won’t have voice over’s on them. But you may use them as a spring board into your presentation.


Example Oral Presentation    w/voice over<-- Thomas Hardy Oral Presentation

Example 2 Oral Presentation   w/voice over<-- Edgar Allan Poe Oral Presentation


 Online Authors Presentation Rubric  


This assignment is the creative property of Felicia Stovall any use without her expressed written consent is plagiarism. 

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